Chidozie is a purpose-driven shoe company, founded by U.S. Air Force veteran Chidozie Omile. Inspired by the mental battles we all face, our revolutionary Chidozie Combat Boot (CC Boot) serves as a wearable tool for confronting and overcoming inner struggles like ego, fear, stress, and anxiety. With our motto, 'stand tall, walk heavy, win the war against yourself,' we aim to redefine standards and foster personal growth in every wearer. The Original CC Boot.


Our mission is to inspire the next generation of creatives to make social impact through their art. We believe that every step taken in our shoes is a stride towards positive change. Through our brand messaging, imagery, partnerships, and community initiatives, we aim to empower individuals to not only express their creativity but also to champion causes that matter. We are committed to crafting footwear that not only reflects style but also embodies our dedication to fostering a better world.