CC Boot History

The Chidozie Combat Boot (CC Boot) was originally conceived in the founder's military dorm room at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, circa 2020, following the completion of his footwear design course at the London College of Fashion.

During this time, Chidozie grappled with numerous mental breakdowns, which plunged him into a dark and treacherous state of mind. His emotional turmoil led him to name the collection of knee-high leather boots "Made In Hell".

The boot's design drew inspiration from the German Jackboots worn by soldiers during World War II and the color palette was inspired by the Germany National Flag. Utilizing striking logos throughout, Chidozie aimed to evoke a sense of danger and deter potential enemies. The sharp pointed toe is reminiscent of a bayonet – the knife attached to the end of a rifle's muzzle.